Friday, January 15, 2016

Hello, and welcome to my NEW blog! 

My name is Jo-Anne Coletti. Some of you may know me from my rose paintings and my website, Vintage Rose Collection, or perhaps you're a reader of Romantic Homes magazine and acquainted with my photography and stories (my monthly column is called,'Say Ahh'). 

Whatever the reason, thank you for popping by!!!
I hope to inspire and motivate you and share my tips and tricks that I have learned over the course of my career.

What to expect!

Photos of my clients, home interiors and how to process your images in Lightroom and Photoshop.
Guest visits from a few of my mentors, and chats with talented photographers that have inspired me. 

What's in my camera bag?

I use Canon's 7D with the 50mm lens, 1.2 and love it! One day I hope to move up to the 5D Mark III, but this is a good camera that has served me well, and that captures great quality images without breaking the bank. I paid a little over 2,000.00 when it first came out, but I have seen this camera with the stock lens in the 1,400.00 range online. 

Here's one on sale at Adorama

I prefer to shoot in natural light and the 50mm 1.2  lens is a great lens for portrait photography in low light situations. It provides nice crisp photos and you can go as low as 1.2 on your dial. I always shoot in raw and manual mode. If you own a DSL camera this will be a game changer in your quest for that professional looking image.

My formula for the perfect exposure

Camera- 7D
Lens- 50mm 1.2
Aperture 2.0
SS 125
ISO 200

If you are new to photography this is a great book to start with.
The Perfect Exposure

Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your comments so don't be shy!

More photos coming soon!



  1. absolutely astounding.. love your work!

  2. It's all amazing.... Wouldn't expect anything different coming from my favorite artist... Thank you for sharing this with us... Anxious to see more and more of your gorgeous work. hugs, jan

  3. Oh my goodness, those photos of the little girl are absolutely breathtakinly beautiful. Very talented!

  4. Thank You for sharing those beautiful photos with us <3